Refund Policy

Your purchase and use of SPYLR software are regulated by this refund policy. Please read it carefully before placing your order as it delineates your rights with regard to your purchases, including any essential restrictions and exclusions. By placing your order with SPYLR , you agree that your order shall be governed by this policy.

Refund Conditions

Subject to the applicable laws and to these Refund Policy conditions, you may be eligible for a refund within 10 days starting from the date of your purchase provided that your reasons don’t contradict with the Refund Policy Conditions outlined below. No refund will be issued after the refund period is over.

General Guidelines

If you have technical issues that cannot be resolved by SPYLR technical support, you may be entitled to a full refund in accordance with the Refund Policy below. Most refunds can be avoided if you accept professional help from our Technical Support team. To contact support, please email us:

No-Refund Conditions

No refunds will be given for reasons which are beyond the control of SPYLR Ltd. These include, but are not limited to
  • The Customer no longer has access to the Target Device
  • If the customer asks for a feature that SPYLR doesn’t offer (a complete, detailed and categorical features list is provided on the buy now page)
  • Other personal reasons (customer changed mind, purchased by mistake and etc...)
  • The customer does not follow the installation guidelines provided by our customer support
  • Customer refuses to update the application after the technical issue have been resolved successfully
  • The Customer is unwilling or unable to root the device to gain access to advanced features
  • The Customer forgets to cancel the auto-renewal for their subscription. Reminder s are sent before subscription renews
  • The Customer cancels subscription and expects a refund for that period
  • Automatic update of the operating system of the Target Device which removes or reconfigures SPYLR Software
  • The Target Device was reset to original factory settings
  • The Customer has not activated the SPYLR Software
  • The Target Device is not owned by the Customer or the Customer did not receive the consent of the Target Device owner to install the SPYLR Software
  • The Target Device does not have Internet access (no money left on the target phone account, temporary service interruption, roaming-related problem, etc.)
  • The carrier operator is changed by the target phone user that leads to the loss of Internet connectivity and consequently improper functioning of SPYLR Software
  • The Customer does not follow the installation guidelines of our customer support team via email
  • The Customer does not accept technical assistance
  • The user does not have physical access to the Target Device or has forgotten the password to unlock it
  • The Customer did not receive the data that had been saved on a Target Device before SPYLR was installed on it
  • The Target Device runs an unsupported operating system.
  • Personal reasons (I’ve changed my mind, Software was not used, etc.)
  • The Customer is either unable or does not want to root Android devices to utilize advanced features
  • The Customer’s Target Device is not in compliance with the SPYLR compatibility requirements
  • SPYLR Software was uninstalled or damaged by anti-virus software, the Target Device owner or other services


  • Discuss request with
  • All Refunds are subject to a $9.99 handling charge to cover bank and credit card fees that we cannot recover
  • Wire transfers are never refundable


  • Most chargebacks are because fraudulent use of the Customer’s credit card information
  • The fraudster uses the product with no knowledge by the true owner of the credit card
  • If we receive a Chargeback where a card is fraudulently used then to protect the public from harm
    • All SPYLR account information is collected, including the monitored phone’s data, and provided to the relevant authorities, including law enforcement, for investigation of both the card fraud and the potential misuse of the product
    • Please bear this in mind if you are thinking of using our services and then filing a fraudulent chargeback